AIFA has been thanked for its work on a research briefing for the Government recently. Robert Clark, Chief Officer was one of 34 contributors and reviewers for a POSTnote, a Parliamentary Office Science and Technology research briefing on Marine Protected Areas and Highly Protected Marine Areas.

These POSTnotes are used to supply trusted and impartial analysis to members of both the House of Commons and House of Lords. The office and its advisers are in constant contact with leading experts from academia, industry, government, the third sector and beyond. All work is externally peer-reviewed.

POSTnotes are the organisation’s flagship reports, reviewing emerging areas of research, the challenges they may pose and the solutions potentially required to address them.

The POSTnote on Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) builds on the Association of IFCA’s expertise in MPA management, with insights and reference to every IFCA’s important role in this area. This collective knowledge was cited extensively throughout the report.

The shorter briefing is available here and the link to the 25 page report is here. This provides a really useful summary and update on MPAs and HPMAs. Two key considerations in the overview were the link between stakeholder engagement and success, and the future impact of climate change.

POST’s published material is available to everyone at or you can Subscribe at to receive email alerts on selectable topics.