The MMO has a general member vacancy in the Sussex IFCA and seeks to appoint to fill this vacancy and create a reserve list for any future vacancies. Members of an IFCA committee work in a team with others, helping to ensure that:

• the use of sea fisheries resources is carried out in a sustainable way and is balanced with the need to protect the marine environment or promote its recovery from, the effects of exploitation

• the different needs of those engaged in the exploitation of sea fisheries and marine resources are balanced

• the conservation objectives of marine conservation zones are achieved

The appointment seeks to achieve a balanced membership across various interest groups, including but not limited to those with commercial, recreational, and environmental interests. To assist in maintaining this balance the MMO welcomes applications from all sectors with a good knowledge of the local, Sussex IFCA area, particularly active commercial fishermen. Applicants should have a willingness to positively engage with both IFCA member and officer colleagues; to support the Authority’s duties to develop sustainable inshore fisheries and marine environmental protection within the district. The Sussex IFCA provides eligible allowances and travel expenses to its members.

Applications need to be received no later than 20 October 2023. More information here.