Northumberland’s coastal management responsible for marine conservation and sustainable fishing practices has appointed Amelia Henderson as its new chair to replace Les Weller who has retired.

Amelia is a respected recreational angler and staunch advocate for marine conservation. She has been a volunteer member of NIFCA since 2022 and is Secretary of the Bedlington Sea Angling Club. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to environmental stewardship to her new role. Her appointment signals a continuity of NIFCA’s values and a renewed focus on collaborative efforts to protect North East coastal waters and marine biodiversity.

Mark Southerton, Chief Officer of NIFCA said; ““Her experience and commitment to environmental stewardship make her the ideal candidate to lead us into the future.”

Incoming chair Amelia expressed her commitment to building on Les’ legacy by fostering collaboration among stakeholders, fishing communities and conservation groups.

Amelia is keen to foster collaboration among stakeholders, fishing communities and conservation groups. She said: “I am deeply honoured to follow in Les’ footsteps and committed to working hand in hand with all of our stakeholders to preserve our coastal waters and uphold our rich marine biodiversity.”

NIFCA’s mission, like the other 9 English IFCA regions, is to promote responsible fishing practices, safeguard coastal habitats and ensure the sustainable management of the coastal waters in its district. It has a dynamic blend of experience, dedication and passion, and is poised to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the world of marine conservation and fisheries management.