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IFCA Districts

Created in 2011 as statutory regulators for the sustainable management of inshore sea fisheries resources out to six nautical miles from coastal baselines around the coast of England. The 10 IFCAs are responsible for the management of fishing activities within inshore MPAs (0-6nm) and must take the necessary steps to ensure that the conservation objectives of MPAs are furthered. Each IFCA has the ability to introduce byelaws for the management of fishing activities in their district.

Marine Protected Areas

Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)
European Marine Site designated under the EC Habitats Directive 1992 to protect habitats and species of European importance.

Special Protection Area (SPA)

European Marine Site designated under the EC Birds Directive 1979 to protect populations of bird species of European importance.

Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ)

Established under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, MCZs protect nationally important, rare or threatened marine species and habitats.

Marine Protected Areas Sub-headings

Number of Gear/Feature Interactions

Number of interactions between commercial fishing activities and MPA features assessed by IFCAs.

Number of assessments

Number of Habitat Regulations Assessments completed by IFCAs to assess the impact of commercial fishing activities on designated MPA features.

Number of MPA Management Measures

Number of MPA related management measures that provide protection to designated MPA features. Not to be considered an exhaustive list of management measures.


Regulator responsible for the management of commercial fisheries within the MPA

IFCA Marine Protected Area Related Management

Bottom Towed Fishing Gear Closures

Management measures that include areas permanently closed to trawling and/or all methods of shellfish dredging as of 2018. Management includes IFCA byelaws brought in specifically for the protection of MPA features such as seagrass beds and reef but also additional IFCA or legacy byelaws with a bottom towed gear fishing component.

Additional Direct MPA Measures

Management measures introduced specifically for MPA protection and measures that provide direct protection to MPA features.

Additional Supporting MPA Measures

Management measures initially introduced for fisheries management but provide protection to MPA features including Legacy Byelaws, Hybrid Orders, Several Orders and Regulating Orders.

IFCA MPA Related Management Sub-headings

Short description of management measure. For more information please follow link to the relevant IFCA website. Full details of regulations and the activity they manage should be sought from individual IFCAs.

Area Name
Name of area stated in the management measure.

MPAs partially/completely covered by management measure.

Assessment of Fishing Impacts in MPAs

IFCAs have assessed over 13,500 interactions between commercial fishing gear and designated European Marine Site features.

Management of Fishing Activities in MPAs

A diverse and often complex range of approaches have been used by IFCAs to manage fishing activities within MPAs.

Interactive Map

IFCAs Management of Inshore Marine Protected Areas.

Map Glossary

Interactive Marine Protected Area Management Map Glossary

it is only by leading, championing and managing a sustainable marine environment and inshore fisheries that we can be successful as an Association.

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Chairman, Association of IFCA