The role of an IFCA General Member

The general members of the IFCA contribute their knowledge and experience to provide sustainable management of the inshore marine area of their IFCA district. Appointees to IFCAs are legally required to consider all the local fishing and marine conservation interests in the waters of the IFCA district in a balanced way, taking full account of the needs of the IFCA district. Appointees are appointed on this basis, and it is essential that they should recognise that they are part of a committee and should not regard themselves as representing solely one area of particular interest within the IFCA district.

As an IFCA General Member you will have the opportunity to contribute your knowledge and experience to shaping and directing the work of the IFCA.

This membership puts local people in the driving seat of fisheries management and is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the development of inshore fisheries in your region.

As a member of an IFCA committee you will work in a team with others, helping to ensure that:

  • the use of sea fisheries resources is carried out in a sustainable way and is balanced with the need to protect the marine environment or promote its recovery from, the effects of exploitation
  • the different needs of those engaged in the exploitation of sea fisheries and marine resources are balanced
  • the conservation objectives of marine conservation zones are achieved

Although these appointments are unpaid some IFCAs pay expenses and allowances.

We seek to achieve a balanced membership across various interest groups, including but not limited to those with commercial, recreational, and environmental interests. To assist in maintaining this balance the MMO seek to appoint the following.

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