This meeting on May 8 will look at building resilience to address water quality, climate change and welfare issues. The afternoon session will focus on the UK aquaculture market and consumer demand, and the development of innovative new production methods. This is the outline agenda.

Morning session. Addressing key issues.

  • Climate change – Emissions profiling tool. Stuart McLanaghan, Seafish.
  • Animal welfare – Welfare first aquaculture technologies. Tom Cryans, Ace Aquatec.
  • Water quality
    • Improvements in application of the Official Control Regulation (OCR). Lewis Le Vay, Bangor University.
    • How water chemistry conditions influence the performance of the animals being farmed. Rod Wilson and Robert Ellis, University of Exeter.
    • New developments in Norovirus testing. Stephanie Anderson, Novacyt.

Afternoon session. Market developments.

  • The UK aquaculture market and consumer demand. Seafish TBC.
  • Innovative production
    • Innovative approach to clam aquaculture production. David Willer, University of Cambridge.
    • Latest RAS developments in Grimsby. James Fox Davies, Aquacultured Seafood Ltd.
    • Mussels as a food ingredient – manufacture and the environmental implications. Aoife Martin, Seafish.


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