Blue Marine Foundation has released the conference proceedings of the event held on the 16th November 2022 in which the IFCAs were well represented. The aims of the conference were to share current information on crab and lobster research, factors affecting stocks, fishery status, current management measures to support the inclusive development of the Crab and Lobster Fisheries Management Plans (FMP).

The AIFCA was represented and a presentation summarising the conclusions of the joint AIFCA and New Economics Foundation report ‘Towards Regional Inshore Fisheries Management Plans – Opportunities for Change’ was given. Further presentations by Senior IFCA colleagues were also made, including an overview of IFCA management measures given by NEIFCA and case studies of regional management and research by NIFCA, NEIFCA, CIFCA and D&SIFCA.

You can watch the symposium here.

This event is the third in a series of Symposia organised by Blue Marine on non-quota fisheries, following the Cuttlefish Symposium held in November 2021 and the Whelk Symposium in June 2022.

More information is here.