Can you take on a varied and challenging role in leading research and enforcement for the Isles of Scilly IFCA?

This is an extraordinarily versatile and varied role, where you will be involved in a wide range of marine research projects and fisheries enforcement in a small island setting. You will be conducting research in collaboration with research institutions and with fishermen, developing your own ideas and working with local stakeholders to set priorities and goals for the IFCA.

Within a small team, you will be responsible for taking on a wide range of tasks. The IFCA has responsibility for enforcement of local and national regulations, conducting research and helping make well-informed decisions on how fisheries are managed, and the environment protected.

The fishing and research season extends from April to October. During these months the role will involve undertaking enforcement patrols and ensuring a high level of compliance amongst fishermen. Balanced alongside these duties, there will be research projects undertaken by the IFCA and in partnership with university academics and students. During the winter months the weather and sea conditions means that fishing stops, and this is an opportunity to work on new projects, write up reports and develop future plans.

You will be working in a beautiful natural environment that is protected by multiple marine designations. You will be based in shared offices in St Marys and operating around the islands.

About you

We are looking for someone with a wide breadth of skills spanning marine research, regulation, policy and fisheries. As the Chief Officer you will be required work closely with the Chairman and members to set the direction and priorities for the Authority. Your responsibilities will include oversight of health and safety, budgets, equipment and research. As the leader of a small team your role will encompass a very large range of responsibilities and duties, but you will be expected to draw upon knowledge and expertise where required.

Salary: £44,428 – £47,420

Location: St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly

To Apply

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Closing date for applications: 1st April 2024

Interviews: 11th April (via Teams)

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Photo credit: Tim Allsop