The Future of UK Fisheries Management


The Fisheries Act 2020 provided the framework to manage UK fisheries as an independent coastal state. As part of this, the Joint Fisheries Statement (JFS) was developed, which sets out the direction of UK fisheries management. Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) represent the key mechanism through which the JFS will be implemented, and will set out evidence-based action plans for managing specific UK fisheries. These FMPs will be based on scientific data and developed in partnership with the fishing industry, and will help deliver ambitions for the future of UK fisheries management.

Six ‘frontrunner’ FMPs have been prioritised for 2023, each of which will pilot different ways of developing management strategies in collaboration with the industry. This event will discuss what FMPs mean for fishers, alongside the plans for undertaking and collating scientific research, collaborative efforts with industry and stakeholders, and future milestones regarding each FMP.

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