DEFRA offer continued IFCA funding to 2020

22 March 2016

Minister George Eustice announced the extension of Defra “new burdens” funding for the ten Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities until 2020 (the next comprehensive spending review) This funding has already been in place for 5 years, but before this announcement it was not guaranteed beyond March 2016.

This announcement shows the Government’s commitment to protecting the Marine 'Blue Belt' under increasing pressure from a range of potentially damaging activities, diverse sources of pollution and harm being done to marine biodiversity.

It highlights the Government’s support for the IFCA 'bottom-up' model and is an endorsement of the IFCA’s work over the last 5 years; it shows the extent to which the 10 regional IFCAs are respected for their environmental work on European Marine Sites and MCZ, their fisheries management and their commitment to working with other partner bodies particularly Councils, Marine Management Organisation, Natural England and the Environment Agency.

It is excellent news for all 10 IFCA working to protect the inshore marine environment and fisheries around the coast of England. 


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