Brexit Deal & support for coastal communities

31 December 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a resurgence in the demand for local fish. Building upon this momentum we can support the fishing industry to reconnect our coastal communities and support our inshore fleet by consuming more of their catches.

Whilst the Association of IFCAs is disappointed with aspects of the EU Exit fisheries deal the UK is now out of the Common Fisheries Policy, which many have blamed for damaging our fishing industry and not adequately recognising the importance of the recreational fishing sector. 

We recognise that the deal had to be concluded in the middle of the severe economic damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and that without a deal, the immediate tariffs imposed upon the fish export sector would have had severe consequences for many.

Looking forward, the UK will get an increase in value of our catches in our Exclusive Economic Zone after 5 years and we will be able to negotiate with Faroe/Norway/EU as an independent coastal state. 

Defra has promised to distribute additional quota outside the Fixed Quota Allocation framework, and this should give benefit to our inshore fleets. 

The announcement of a £100m support package for the industry, processors and its infrastructure will be essential and targeted to the coastal community. 

The new Fisheries Act provides framework for the better management of fisheries across their range. The IFCAs will work with Defra and coastal communities to realise our shared ambition for a world class system of fisheries management built around co-management, collaboration, credible fisheries management, effective rights and access and compliance.

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