Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ)

Marine Conservation Zones Launched

27 new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ) which span the waters around the English Coast have recently been created to help protect our rich marine life and features such as Coral Reefs, Oyster Beds and Seahorses from damaging activities, to ensure their features are conserved. The UK has one of the world's richest marine environments and these new sites will join over 500 Marine Protected Areas (MPA) that already exist to safeguard our rich marine environment and keep our seas sustainable, healthy and productive for future generations. ....MORE

More detailed information can be found using the following links:

Marine Conservation Zones and Marine Licensing (MMO)

Detailed policy guide on Marine Protected Areas with links to all 27 MCZs (DEFRA/MMO)

MCZ collection page including history, announcements, links and maps (DEFRA, JNCC, Natural England)

Interactive map of all MPAs (JNCC)

Designation Orders for the 27 MCZs (National Government Archive)

Inshore MCZ factsheet (Natural England)

Offshore MCZ factsheet (JNCC)


 MCZ tranche 2 Press release January 2016

Defra has now published details of the second tranche of Marine Conservation Zones, in which 23 sites will be given protection. This will extend the country’s ‘Blue Belt’ to cover over 20% of English waters and providing vital protection for the diverse array of wildlife in our seas.