Marine Protected Areas

 IFCAs and the Association’s role in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

  • IFCAs are champions of healthy seas and sustainable fisheries for the benefit of all
  • MPAs provide a network of sites to protect, enhance and manage our seas and     the animals and plants that live in it
  • IFCAs work with local stakeholders and communities to promote and grow the local economy and livelihoods by sustainable management of  inshore fisheries

 The UK is committed to implementing a well-managed network of MPAs by 2016 and this will comprise of European Marine Sites and Marine Conservation Zones. The Association has been working closely with the Chief Officers Group to agree with Defra a delivery plan for both EMS and MCZ appropriate management measures.


Marine Protected Areas 2014-15

IFCAs Capital Spend Project Summary


Managing fisheries in MPAs  January 2016

The MMO have published site assessments and are asking for stakeholder feedback on these