About Us

The aim of the Association of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities (The Association) is to assist and promote the regional IFCAs to ensure that the authorities develop a leading and effective national role in fisheries and conservation management in line with the IFCA vision. In order to achieve this the A-IFCA will:

  • Engage with the regional IFCA Officers and members
  • Engage with Statutory bodies
  • Promote the work of the IFCAs
  • Engage with the media
  • Engage with other key stakeholders such as national representative bodies and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

The AIFCA is governed and directed by a Members Forum, who meet at least quarterly. Members of the Forum include the Chairs and Chief Officers from the IFCAs. AIFCA associate members include the Isle of Man, the States of Jersey and Guernsey. 

Day to Day running of the AIFCA is delivered through the AIFCA team