Technical Advisory Group

The IFCAs Technical Advisory Group (TAG) promotes and facilitates communication, collaboration and coordination between IFCAs and other government organisations in relation to fisheries research and marine science.   The group meets three times a year and has a monthly email bulletin.  The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected from the IFCA representatives by the members of the Group and these positions are rotated evenly  between the IFCAs every 18 months.  

To contact TAG, message the Association who will forward your message to the current Chair and Vice-Chair.


  • To improve the quality and extent of fisheries management information through better coordination and dissemination of fisheries related scientific research.
  • Define and apply best practice relating to the scientific and techincal functions responsibilities of IFCAs.
  • To identify and facilitate joint working opportunities between member organisations.


  • To improve cooperation between all the bodies represented in the group and integrate individual IFCAs science strategies with relevant organisations plans and wider national and international policies.
  • To help standardise research and technical practices between IFCAs and other relevant bodies so that information can be easily shared and analysed.
  • To help disseminate key research and technical information between IFCAs and other relevant organisations, produce recommendations to inform decision makers within those organisations.
  • To improve access to expert advice.
  • Identify research topics of common interest to group members and facilitate collaboration with external organisations.
  • Where appropriate, the group will seek to develop technical guidance on survey methodolgy taking account of best practice.
  • Where appropriate the group will identify national training needs and facilitate their provision.
  • Members will represent TAG at national and international technical working groups and meetings.
  • Where appropriate the TAG will seek to identify and access external funds to further the research objectives identified by the group.


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